Lafayette College is committed to reducing the harm related to alcohol and other drug abuse while helping to create a safe and healthy environment for all of our students. We take a comprehensive approach to addressing the dangers of substance use both on and off campus through partnerships, programs, and services provided throughout the year.  This video was funded through a grant with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and is part of larger social norms campaign.

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Standing Committee

The AODSC is comprised of a committed group of faculty, staff, and students, as well as community and collaborative partners who plan, act, assess, and refine the College's comprehensive strategic plan aimed at reducing the negative implications of high-risk drinking.

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Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors

A peer education group committed to empowering and educating students to choose carefully and act responsibly. L-DAPAs actively work to support a student culture is both social and responsible, where high risk alcohol or drug use is discouraged, and resources and education is readily available.

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AlcoholEdu & Haven

Online alcohol-prevention and sexual violence prevention programs designed to impact both individual behavior and campus culture.

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Parent Love

Parent Resources

The College enlists parents help in combatting high risk alcohol or drug use by asking parents to have intentional conversations with their sons or daughters. In fact, these conversations are an integral part of our comprehensive strategy in reducing harmful consequences related to binge drinking and the rapid consumption of alcohol.
We provide this helpful guide as a way to start these conversations. Research shows us that these conversations between parents and their children are incredibly productive and change problematic behaviors.

Fall 2016 Committee Meetings

Friday September 23 @ 12pm ------ Friday, October 21 @ 2pm ----- Friday, November 11 @ 12pm ----- Friday. December 9 @ 2pm


Paul J. McLoughlin II
Dean of Students
(610) 330-5082

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